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Welcome to the Business Technology BSTEC Modularized Classroom website!


Thank you for your interest in the Business Technology BSTEC Modularized Classroom. 

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BTECH Classes Can Be Adjusted to Anyone's Needs

The BSTEC Modularized Classroom is a part of the Business Technology (BSTEC) Department provides courses where programs are designed to prepare students with the technical skills and knowledge to be successful in a variety of business positions.


What Is the BSTEC Modularized Classroom?

  • Self Paced This course is offered as a self-paced course which allows the students to decide how quickly or how slowly to work through the material. The only requirement of the course is that you finish the credits that you enrolled in by the end of the quarter while complying by the Modularized Classroom policies and procedures.

  • Modular Each course is broken into modules. These modules are the equivalent to one credit. This means that if you have enrolled in 2 credits of BTECH 217 you only have to complete 2 modules of 217 by the end of the quarter.

  • Continuous Enrollment Because these classes have been modularized, you can enroll in a class over multiple quarters. If you want to finish all of Word 217 but can only take two credits in Winter quarter, you can enroll in the last three during Spring quarter and complete the entire course over the two quarter time. This also allows you to add additional Modularized Classroom credits in the middle of a quarter.

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